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  • Phone: (225) 654-7989
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  • Address:
    1555 East Mount Pleasant Road, Zachary, LA 70791

Service Times

  • Sunday: 9:30 & 11am
  • 1st Wednesdays: 6:45pm

Sunday Services

Sunday Services

Every Sunday

Location: Fellowship Church Zachary, 1555 East Mount Pleasant Road, Zachary, LA US 70791

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What to Expect :

FC is a non-denominational community of friendly people dedicated to sharing the life-giving message of Jesus Christ. We do this so that others can know God, find freedom, discover purpose and make a difference.


When You Arrive :

For your first visit, we suggest arriving 15 minutes early to find parking, get your kids (Nursery-6th grade) checked into their rooms, grab a coffee, and find a seat. Feel free to ask anyone wearing a name tag with the FC logo on it to show you around or to answer any questions you might have. We also have an Info Desk where you can go to ask questions, pick up information about FC or just say, “Hello.” You’ll be relieved to know that you will never be singled out as a visitor during worship services. In fact, you can remain entirely anonymous if you’d like. However, we are a very friendly bunch. Expect to be greeted by quite a few folks on your way in.


Music :

The FC worship experience is contemporary with a mixture of upbeat praise and intimate worship songs. Our ultimate goal is to provide an authentic worship experience where you can connect with God. During the worship portion of the service, the words of the songs will be displayed on large screens at the front of the auditorium. You’ll notice that everyone worships in his or her own way. For many, that may include singing and raising their hands, while for others, it means quietly reflecting on the words being sung. Feel free to express your worship however you are most comfortable or just sit back and observe.


The Message :

We believe that the entire Bible is an amazing story of God’s plan to save us from sin through His Son, Jesus, and to help us live an abundant life. The Bible is our story, too, so our messages are personal and relevant – allowing God to teach us, engage us in His plan, and help us take Next Steps on our journey with Him.


Next Steps... We all have one : 

Our journey with God is a series of Next Steps that bring us closer to Him. We hope your next step is to come visit us for one of our worship services. Once here, you’ll see that FC is a place you can come as you are and that we offer plenty of opportunities for you to take your Next Step towards knowing God, finding freedom, discovering purpose, and making a difference! Come join us as we take Next Steps on this adventurous journey of faith together. See you soon!


Social Distancing Made Easy : “The Band System”

Do you need lots of social distancing on Sunday morning? Then, the red band is for you. Slip it on and show it off and everyone will stand back. Need hugs and high fives? The green band is for you. Just remember, only hug and high five other green band peeps! Somewhere in the middle? Got you covered! Put on the yellow band and that lets everyone know that you're okay with talking but not touching. 

This table will be in front of the church entrance on Sunday mornings with the bands, hand sanitizer, and face coverings. Feel free to take the band of your choice and/or to wear a mask if you want one. Bands and masks are not required but are available and advisable. We are doing everything we can to provide you with a safe, sanitized, spacious, and enjoyable environment on Sunday mornings! Looking forward to seeing you at church!


Children’s Ministry : FC Kids 

Dear Parents,

At FC Kids, we understand your concern for you children during this pandemic. We are honored you are trusting our team with your precious little ones. So, we are doing all we can to make their experience safe, spacious, & sanitized.

Safe: FC Kids volunteers are sanitized & masked upon entry. Face shields are preferred in the FC Nursery because your little ones respond best when seeing the smiling faces of our volunteers. 

Spacious: In our FC Elementary experience we use sanitized foam squares to help the children practice social distancing. Each child stays on their personal square throughout worship & the message. Afterward, they move into socially distanced small groups to dive deeper into what they learned that day. 

Sanitized: The Rooms are Sanitized & deep cleaned during the week as well as sanitized in between each service. We also keep hand sanitizer in each room, & each volunteer must sanitize before interacting with children.