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FC Pray First


Welcome to our corporate prayer page:

As a life-giving church it is our aim to partner with God in the advancement of His Kingdom and will on the earth. This partnership with God begins in prayer. When God’s people pray in unity of mind and spirit, God then moves in power. With this in mind, we are asking you to sign up at one or more of the designated time slots below and pray in agreement with the sample prayer below. You can pray part of the hour or the whole hour. You can also pray for anything else you would like to pray for during your designated prayer time. Thank you for agreeing with us in prayer and in partnership with God!

Our Prayer

"Heavenly Father, I come before You in the name and through the blood of my Lord, Jesus Christ. I seek Your kingdom to come and Your will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. 

Lord, use Fellowship Church to represent and advance Your kingdom and to make You and Your will known to the world, starting right here in Zachary. Give us a fresh outpouring of Your Spirit, Father. Empower and equip us to share the life-giving message of Jesus Christ with others so they can know You, find freedom, discover purpose and make a difference. 

Father God, I also pray for a fresh outpouring of Your Spirit on Christians everywhere, in every sphere of society and culture. Shine the light of Your love and spread the peace Your gospel brings through us so that You can change the culture around us. 

I pray for the governing officials of our cities, states, and nation. Bind the spiritual forces of darkness that would blind their eyes to the truth and deter them from righteousness. Influence them, Lord, to govern righteously and with equity. Awaken our nation, oh Lord! Bring us back to You. 

Also, Father, may Your kingdom come, and Your will be done in my life and in my family members' lives as it is in heaven. Teach us to treat one another with the love, kindness, and respect of Jesus. Help each of us to represent You well and to spread Your love at our places of work, schools, and church. 

Thank You for hearing my prayer, Father! Help me walk in fellowship with You and in step with Your Spirit. In JESUS' NAME, AMEN."


FC Pray First - Select your preferred time to join us in prayer.

Prayer Times*

Please select one or more of the following prayer times to stand with us in unified prayer.




6:00 am

Amanda Perry, Richy Perry, Paul Downing, Ginger Morris, Baby Elam, Cassandra Boley, Austin Whitaker, Jobi & Sarah Collins, Brenda Welch, Tiffany Tuminello, Brandon Trent, Scott Page, Nicole Whetstone, Christina Hensley, Donna Van Buren Turner, Cheryl Russell, 

7:00 am

Deborah Higginbotham, Baby Elam, Crystal Strong, Bro. Luke Walters, Sherry Rispone, Amber Ashley, Jacques Angelloz, 

8:00 am

Lindsey Hornsby, Kelvin Kelly, Baby Elam, Mary Walters, Yvette LeBlanc, Mary Walters, Roger Hornsby, Rhonda Nunez, Pastor Scott Hornsby, 

9:00 am

Brad Mazoch, Anna Tannehill, Michelle Pierce, Dena Berthelot, Chad Rispone, Nicole Whetstone, Elijah Holbrook, Pastor Scott Hornsby, Bro. Jack & Sherry Harris, 

10:00 am

Katlyn Russell, Eden Robinson, Elizabeth Begley, Reiley Nunez, Shirley Depew, Angela Robinson, 

11:00 am

Amanda Hebert, Kevin Chapaneri, Sissy Boykin, Jenny Peterkin, Pastor Starr Hornsby, Kristi Hornsby, Cecil Graves III, Shirley Depew, 

12:00 pm

Patricia Casey, Michelle Gibson, Mark Strong, Donna Van Buren Turner, Barbara Casey, Keelie Ebert, 

1:00 pm

Crystal Strong, Nicole Whetstone, 

2:00 pm

Sylvi Bonner, Adrienne Bodine, Ashlynn Kearny, Reiley Nunez, 

3:00 pm

Courtney Kirkland, Rachel Taber, 

4:00 pm

Nicole Whetstone, Jasmine Wooders, Barbara Casey, 

5:00 pm

Derrick Winn, Amanda Hebert, 

6:00 pm

Chad Rispone, 

7:00 pm

Mark Williams, 

8:00 pm

Christy Schexnaildre, Sara Labouliere, Jason Maxwell, Sherry Rispone, Kevin Chapaneri, Dena Berthelot, Jason Maxwell, Sara Maxwell, Amber Angelloz, Travis & Jill Gaspard, Jennifer and Scott Page, Pastor Starr Hornsby, 

9:00 pm

Connie Williams, Myndi McCallum, Michelle Pierce, Karla Seguin, Brad Seguin, Nicole Whetstone, Christy Schexnaildre, Elijah Holbrook, Donna Thompson, Latrista Mallard, Joshua Crawford, Tomye & Mitzi Cochran, 

10:00 pm

Myndi McCallum, Roxann Wunsch, Pastor Starr Hornsby, Kristi Hornsby, Pastor Scott Hornsby, Ashlynn Kearney, Olivia Durand, Connie Williams, Dora Whetstone, 

11:00 pm

Myndi McCallum, Crystal Strong, Tiffany Tuminello, Nady Chambers, Laura Woods, Joycelyn Johnson, Joycelyn Johnson,